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Dee & Angela

We met in junior high school in 1984, we became friends, we went on to high school. Dee transfered to another school and we lost contact for quite a few years.

In 1995 we found each other again at a local gay and lesbian club here in St. Louis. We started our friendship up again and after awhile realized that there was a very strong attraction to one another. We didn’t act on it right away because we where both in relationships with other people. After my nasty breakup with my ex-girlfriend my friend was there for me and when she went through hardship and a breakup with her ex I was there for her.

When we decided to date it was so seamless to transition because she and I were friends before we became lovers and we were better friends after we became lovers. We have been through good times and bad times the death of her mother and grandmother and the lost of homes. We complete each other and we make this life better for each other.

It’s been twelve years and we are more in love now than we where in the beginning and on June 27, 2009, we are going to seal that love with a ceremony and let the world know that this is real.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Love Inspiration

Our lives together has been happy and sad and the the thought they we almost lost each other made us so much stronger. Lets make this vow to each other and our sons.

Fast Facts

First met: September 1984
First date: December 19, 1996
Got engaged: December 25, 2007
Ceremony location: Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO
Favorite planning resource: Gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Virgin Islands

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Blessed In Love !!!!!!
Our wedding colors: All White
We will be wearing: White linen summer maxi dress
Who proposed to who: Dee-Dee proposed to Dee
Our last name will be: Dee Wade and Angela Marion-Wade
We are registered at:

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