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Melissa & Lisa

We met at a beauty school Melissa(instructor), Lisa (student).We know…HOT, right? Lisa came to school with long blonde hair, and after a while it grew shorter and shorter and Melissa and Lisa grew closer and closer. But we were forbidden to date because the school and strict rules on fraternizing with the students. After Lisa graduated we dated for a couple weeks then moved in together immediately…yes we “UHAULED it”. Soon after we started dating we realized what a great foundation we had built,because as student and instructor there has to be a certain level of trust,communication, team work,and understanding and ultimately, friendship made to maintain a great working relationship. Add romance and we have it ALL! So, here we are! We are planning on getting married within the next two years. Summer of 2014. We know that is a while but, what’s the rush? We know we have a lifetime with each other either way.

107 forever

Love Inspiration

each other

Fast Facts

First met: May 7,2010
First date: May 11, 2011
Got engaged: 2/10/13
Ceremony location: ?
Favorite planning resource: Melissa
Honeymoon destination: Somewhere Tropical

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Green and White
We will be wearing: Melissa (Dress), Lisa (white and casual elegant)
Who proposed to who: Lisa to Melissa
Our last name will be: Dorstrom

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: Kiss the Rain

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