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Erica & Michelle

We met on the interenet in 2003 I lived at Southern California and she lived at Georgetown South Carolina. We talked in the rooms off and on at one point of time I deleted her because she wasn’t talking to me so I thought why have her on my msn messanger if she wasnt going to talk right? So cupple of days later I went into a chat room again for lesbains and there she was again and we started talking from there on we build a good friendship. After talking for good cupple of months within the six months now she had asked me to be her girlfriend, marry her and move out there to her. With no pause or thinking on I told her YES right aways. Now you see we would talk all the time and fall asleep on the phone. It took me awhile to come out because I never met her in person just talked over the phone and pictures and net that is about it. Well I got sick of California and I was missing her wantin to be with her so bad so I asked my father to get me a ticket out of here to her and ever since then we have been together. On March 15,2010 it will be 7 years that we have been together and I love her so much can not wait to be Erica Antoinette Shoemaker. That is our story now I have a wedding to plan.

Two loves that will never die

Love Inspiration

Each Other

Fast Facts

First met: In a chat room
First date: on the phone watching a movie.
Got engaged: Valentines day 2009
Ceremony location: Shell's Grandmas house
Favorite planning resource: unknown right now
Honeymoon destination: Walt Disney World

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Two Loves That Can't Go Wrong
Our wedding colors: Baby pink/ White
We will be wearing: Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
Who proposed to who: She proposed to me
Our last name will be: Shoemaker
We are registered at: unknown unknown

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