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Ericka & Aurora

I was working at a Texaco Gas Station in Aug. 2009 and Aurora was called to the area I work because of an reck.(She’s a Fire Fighter). She was doing her job and she came in the store and asked me if a customer could leave his car in front of the store while they took him to the hospital. I said yes, and from that moment i thought she was so beautiful. I was sort of shy and didn’t know what to say to her. Once the customer was gone to the hosptial she keep coming in the store making small talk. It’s like we both wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to do so. She left the store for the last time and I thought to myself, if I don’t say something to her, I may never see her again. This older guy came in the store and way about to tow the cars away and i figured this was my last chance so I gave him my number to give to her. She took the number gave me a call and the rest is history! Boy I’m so glad that I did that because she is my rock, my world!!

"This woman is my rock"

Love Inspiration

Aurora has my back no matter what and i love her so much.

Fast Facts

First met: August 20,2009
First date: August 28,2009
Got engaged: September 24,2009
Ceremony location: Atlanta,Ga
Honeymoon destination: Paris

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Wedding
Our wedding colors: Pink, Silver and White
We will be wearing: Ericka-a dress Aurora-No dress but something very stylist
Who proposed to who: Aurora proposed to Ericka
Our last name will be: Alexander-Latson

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