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Erin & Liz

The Beginning (Long story short…)

Liz was the hot bartender who was best friends with my ex of over a year and I was the hot ex girlfriend of Liz’s best friend. Not too complicated right 🙂 After checking each other out for a couple months Liz finally overcame the “best friend killing her fear” and formally introduced herself to me at a Ladies tea in November of 2005. A couple weeks later we knew this was going to be more then just a fling and gathered enough courage to tell my ex. The rest was history…nine months later I packed up my house and moved from PA to Baltimore.

The Engagement…

A couple months before my birthday Liz and I happened to be talking about high school. I mentioned that I wish I could have went to my Senior Prom. The conversation was had and forgotten.

On the day of my birthday, September 23, we had to attend a wedding in the afternoon and then we were going out that evening to celebrate. Only she wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We left the wedding and she insisted I couldn’t change out of my dress yet so I assumed we were heading to a nice dinner. She told me she had to make one quick stop at her dad’s condo to pick up my gifts she had hidden there and asked me to come in with her. When we went inside, instead of heading up to the condo, we went towards a room and when I opened the door I was greated with a room full of my friends all dressed up in their prom dresses and suits. It was my senior prom I never had!! The prom was complete with spiked punch, a DJ playing top tunes from 2001, a disco ball and even the Prom King and Queen voting box. I couldn’t believe she remembered one little conversation we had and turned it into something so special. Later in the evening, Liz somehow got everyone outside so we could be alone and dance to our song “Wild as the Wind”. During the dance Liz told me how much she loved me and wanted spend the rest of her life with me and then leaned over to grab something off the table. When I realized what it was I instinctively started to cry and repeat “shut up shut up” (I know i know what a great thing to say but i was just so in shock). She got down on one knee (so cliche i know, but cute) and proposed. I screamed yes and all of our friends came running back in!! Everyone cried and laughed and danced…and it became the best and most perfect night of my life.

Our Wedding plans so far…

Liz and I have decided to wait until 2009 to get married. Mostly because she has a huge family reunion and a family beach trip planned for 2008 and it is just too much for one year. We are pretty much set on having a late summer wedding and I would love to get married on the beach if possible, but if not it will be on some body of water 🙂 Probably the Bay. I already have colors picked out and a beach theme. I know our planning has only just begun and the good stuff wont come until next year but I can’t help but start now. I am so excited about our new journey in life together!!

Fast Facts

First met: In November 2005
First date: Officially...Dinner and movie
Got engaged: September 23, 2007
Ceremony location: some where on a beach or the Cheasapeake Bay
Favorite planning resource: Gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Bahamas (not sure which island quite yet)

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: light blue and sandy brown
We will be wearing: Erin a dress and Liz a white suit
Who proposed to who: Liz proposed to Erin
Our last name will be: Liz's last name

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