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Frankie & Jessica

Jes and I met in college our freshman year! Actually how it started was I randomly picked her to tell about the night before when I was awfully drunk. We talked and from that day forward hung out.

It went from convo here and there to spending the night as bestfriends to I have a secret to tell. I told Jes I liked her the whole time and she felt the same. Every since then its been unconditional love with its share of tests. Now that we both have mastered our loves ups and downs we realized that its time to take our vows.

Stay true to yourself always

Love Inspiration

True Happiness

Fast Facts

First met: August 14, 2004
First date: October 23, 2004
Got engaged: April 20, 2008
Honeymoon destination: Cancun

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: peach and cream
We will be wearing: frankie-tux jes-dress
Who proposed to who: frankie to jes
Our last name will be: Phillips

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