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Gayle & Trish

We met in training at JPMorganChase in September 2009. We were both new hires and I was shy. We hit it off right away, but I was in an unhappy relationship at the time and didn’t want things to move to fast. We spent many nights after work talking in her car. We finally realized that our feelings for one another had blossomed. Gayle proposed to Trish, with Trishs’ grandmother’s engagement ring during a band performance of Trishs’ best friend Mac. Gayle had an engagement caricature made and Gayle called Trish on stage to “open” her present. After Trish opened the caricature, Gayle got down on one knee and asked Trish to be her wife. With some slight hesitation (because of all the commotion) trish said “Of course!” Several weeks later on September 4, 2010, Trish treated Gayle to a massage and during the massage Trish went to get flowers for Gayle and surprised her at the end of her massage (while Gayle was still on the massage table) with a large bouquet of Gayle’s favorite flowers ( Japanese Lillies) and Gayle’s very own engagement ring. Gayle said yes, of course.

Chase what matters

Love Inspiration

My love for Trish and her gay grandfather

Fast Facts

First met: September 29, 2009
First date: Which time?
Got engaged: August 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A wedding
Our wedding colors: Black, red, white, silver
We will be wearing: A wedding and a suit
Who proposed to who: both
Our last name will be: Fry

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