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Me(Heaven) and Harlem met and it was by far the BEST thing that ever happend to me…She is like my Knight in Shining Armor.I have been swept off my feet and i have yet 2 feel the ground…. She wrote this to me and it sticks to my heart and mind…” I Love you more than ANYTHING Heavenli-Nevaeh Jones..If I was told that i would have to die twice just so you can breath, i would stop my own heart.My heart beats when yours beat so sleep when i sleep, now close your eyes and be at peace.. sweet dreams my Lady”…I smile every time i see this read it think of it anything…… she is truely my rock… we do just about everything together and i wake up everyday waiting for our next adventure… even if its going for a walk, w end up wrestling, looking into the skys’, and just enjoying eachother…. i swear we talk so much i feel as if i know more about her then she does…{wow as i am reading this i am getting a little emotional, because I AM REALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS WOMAN, and believe me b4 her i had given up on love, i was in and out of HORRIBLE relationships,which included mentally, phisically, and emotional abuse, cheaters, liars,, and everything in between, SHE IS REALLY MY WOMAN!! ALL TO MYSELF AND THAT ALONE MAKE MY DAYS BEAUTIFUL AND MY NIGHTS PEACEFUL ..} sorry to make this so long so i will end it here….. peace, love, happiness….. HEAVEN

Dont judge me , I think im being judged...lol

Love Inspiration

The Forbidden Lovers....

Fast Facts

First met: PHASE 1, a small club in decatur,ga
First date: HARLEM'S HOUSE

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Teal and Ivory
Our last name will be: STEED

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