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Alison & Carol

We are Alison (Ally) Jean LeCompte and Carol Jean Ruddy. Alison is 26 and Carol is 28. We have been together almost a year and engaged for 6.5 months and this has been the BEST relationship for both of us. We are SO much in love and truly complete each other in every way possible. We met at a birthday party for Carols cousins and at the time Alison was best friends with Carol’s cousins GF. Alison kept on staring at Carol and at the time she was in a relationship. Not a very happy one and for almost 5 years. The party came and gone and Carol decided to one day look Alison and up on FB because she knew the last name sounded familiar. Carol messaged Alison and said ” Hey is your brother Tommy?” I think I graduated with him. Alison replied with the answer Carol already knew, just a way to “break the ice”. Carol had no idea Alison was into girls but soon found out when we started flirting and then soon after we were on Oovoo video chatting till all hours of the night. We met first a first date a few days later and the rest is pretty much history. Carol and her EX broke up soon after and we started dating. If you say it was luck that brought us together I couldn’t agree more, The both us didn’t want to attend that birthday party but we both did and in the end it was SO worth it. Everything we have been through in the past has happened for a reason and we both couldn’t been happier. We do everything together no matter what it is. We enjoy each other’s company everyday and rather spend time together just the two of us. If I could describe our relationship in one word it would be PERFECT! Our love grows stronger and stronger everyday and we can’t wait to get married and grow old together.

Fast Facts

First met: 04/07/2012
First date: 04/25/2012
Got engaged: 10/26/2012
Ceremony date: 11/13/2014

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Gold, Orange and Brown
Who proposed to who: Carol proposed to Alison in NYC
Our last name will be: LeCompte

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