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Jessica & Izzy

I first laid eyes on Izzy in May 2011..well, that’s not entirely accurate as we were both avatars in the online program Second Life. Think of a giant international chat room crossed with the Sims game franchise, and it’s a close approximation of SL. I was immediately drawn to her, but said nothing for a long time. We made mutual friends in our little online environment and even became acquaintances ourselves.

In SL relationships can be quite nebulous…and we both went through our share of good, bad, and bat-poo crazy, in the course of nine months. Our mutual friends, however, kicked us in the rears to chat more with each other, and frequently she would entertain me chatting online while I worked the overnight shift.

I soon hit a rough patch in SL with multiple betrayals, even of friends, and one night I’d had enough…I typed “I would give it all up for just one real hug from someone honest.” Not only did Izzy give me that hug but she had our DJ friend in SL play me the Sarah McLachlan song “Angel” (Izz’s avatar has giant angel wings).

All the walls I built up for years in real life, and for the months I’d been in Second Life crumbled to the ground…I felt for the first time ever in my heart that someone really cared about me, without the expectation of something in return.

We chatted…we chatted more…we spent hours together online…we made each other late for work sometimes…we got friendlier…then we would fall asleep together online…things progressed. December 22nd she virtually proposed to me, and I’ve not looked back since.

We finally met in real life in April 2012, and moved to FL (where we coincidentally both had roots in the same county!)and every day I still get the butterflies when she’s around, when I watch her sleeping, when she curls up in my arms. There are no other women in the world to me.

From a second life to a first life

Love Inspiration

That instant knowledge that this is "the one"

Fast Facts

First met: May 2011 at a virtual club
First date: Hard to say...we never had a specific "date."
Got engaged: Dec 22, 2011
Ceremony location: Somewhere in the Tampa area. Still scoping out locations.
Favorite planning resource: the internet. heh
Honeymoon destination: Possibly Spain, Caribbean, Cedar Key...don't know yet. :)

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: leaning towards teal, beachy colors
We will be wearing: Me: flowing goddess-y dress. Izz: beach cas or tux w tails
Who proposed to who: Izz, online.
Our last name will be: interesting... (not sure yet...lol)

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: "Wise," by Sean Kagalis

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