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we met in 1976 in san jose californina through a mutual friend. well it wasn’t love at first site. we met again, when i asked my friend pam if she knew any gay people i could talk to. she had mary come over to her apt to talk with me. well we became friends. mary asked me if i could drive her to sacramento calif ornia to see some friends. well this is a 2 hour drive from san jose. mary would sit right next to me, our legs touching. the funny thing is mary was involved with a lady named liz at the time, and she would go on the trips with us. on one of the trips i suddenly realized i liked mary. when we got back to san jose, that night i asked her to meet me at a fountain down town. when she arrived we talked for awhile. just before she got ready to leave, i handed her a note. in the note i said, i know you are with liz right now, but do think we could get togather someday? within about a month we started dating. and we have been togather for 32 years. and guess what she still has that letter in her wallet.

treat people the way you want to be treated

Love Inspiration

my life partner for 32 years

Fast Facts

First met: 1976
First date: 1 month after we met
Got engaged: june25 2008
Ceremony location: tahoe city california
Favorite planning resource: word of mouth
Honeymoon destination: not sure

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding
Our wedding colors: red & white
We will be wearing: janet capri pants mary white shorts
Who proposed to who: janet proposed to mary
Our last name will be: Beaver
We are registered at: na na

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: can i have this dance by anne murray

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