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I met Nell when I went to stay with a few family members. He would come over and just hang out with them. One day I just happened to be a little noisey and peer into my cousin’s room and saw this very attractive guy sitting on the edge of the bed. I asked my cousin,(once Nell had left) who was he and could he call him back. My cousin asked him to come over the next day. I then went into the room acting as if I was surprised he was over and introduced myself. I must admit that Nell was a little shy in the beginning and sorta still is. His innocent smile pulled me in to him..lol We talked and I boldly asked for his number. He gladly gave it to me. (I begin to giggle to myself like a little school girl) I called Nell everyday for about 3 months. Out of the blue my cousins where moving so I was planning on moving in with a buddy until Nell told me that I could come and stay with him. Hell, I said yea so fast that my lips seemed not to move. He introduced me to his family and friends. (this made me nervous because I’m 6 – 10 yrs younger than his parents.) I never knew that through all my ups and downs being in relationships that I would find happiness with someone that’s 12 yrs. younger than me. (I’m 38 and he’s 27) I love this man with all my heart and truely am blessed that finally my angel would come in the form of Nell. Nell, by suprise, proposed to me on 3 different occassions. Of course I thought he was just doing it for kicks and giggles but then he asked me again about a year later. And again I shruggted it off. But when Nell asked me for the third time, well I just said to myself, “This dude isn’t faking. He really want to marry me.” Well like any other person with common sense i accepted and said yes. We are now going on 7 yrs this May coming (2010) and everyday seems like its still a dream. Oh, sure we have our ups and downs like anyother couple but I would never want to trade any of it for no amount of money. When love comes it comes with a full force and I’m enjoying every minute of it til the end of our time here on Earth. I’ve learned through conversations with older friends that there is such a thing as an ageless love boundary. We’re not letting our age difference define us. We have and still are defining ourselves.


Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: My cousin's house
First date: May 21, 2002
Got engaged: May 16, 2007
Ceremony location: not determined
Favorite planning resource: not determined
Honeymoon destination: not determined

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: AGELESS LOVE BOUNDARY
Our wedding colors: FOREST GREEN/CREAM
We will be wearing: TUXEDOS
Who proposed to who: NELL PROPOSED TO ME
Our last name will be: NOT DETERMINED

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