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JaLisa & Kee Lo

Kee & I, will be celebrating Eight Years together as of Feburary 5, 2012. It has not been the perfect relationship, but its certainly a relationship, that could never be traded or replaced.

We have been through and endured much adversity, but still stood against it, and held each other through each storm, while God worked out the kinks. We are very much in tuned to our Spiritual Side, and we allow GOD to be the head of our lives. This allows for us, to communicate much better with one another, and learn the real value, of morals, respect, trust, honesty, & loyalty. It’s brought us to a much deeper relationship with one another and our 3 beautiful children.

Love is more than just the word…Love is what is shown through all the battles and victories…it is what you feel from the other, when things are all so wrong, that one look at each other, & things instantly get better…Love is when your mad at the other, you can take a breather and regroup later; discuss the issue and work to make it better. Love is NOT revisting or holding on to things that werent so healthy in the relationship. Love is forgiving…Love is Respect! Love is what we have for one another…and nothing gives us greater pleasure to marry the one we knew we loved all along!

Give Her Two Roses, each with a note...The 1st note says, for my lover, the second for my BEST FRIEND!

Love Inspiration

My Beautiful Sister In Law Lena & Brother Ramon!

Fast Facts

First met: Feburary 5, 2003
First date: Feburary 8, 2003
Got engaged: VERY Long Time Ago...Jaly wasnt ready LOL!
Honeymoon destination: Jamaica

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Just that... a Celebration!
Our wedding colors: Purple Gold & White
We will be wearing: Hmmmm....Gotta leave some suspense!
Who proposed to who: Kee Proposed to Jaly

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