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Jacquelyn & Allison

Alli and I met at work at Bloomingdale’s in November 2006. We actually started there the same week. We quickly became friends, then best friends, to “work wives”.

In November of 2008, Alli moved to Florida, and that’s when I knew …. I had never felt so empty in my heart and that’s when i realized I was in love with my best friend. At that point I hadn’t known I was gay and tried to dismiss my feelings but they were ENTIRELY too strong, so I listened to my heart and confessed my NEW FOUND lesbian love to Alli. Her response was that I was having a “straight girl crush” lol. I insisted that it wasn’t a crush. I pictured her being my wife and the mother to my children.

Finally, 8 LONG days later, she confessed that she was in love with me too and had been since she left for FL! We decided to give “us” a try and Thank god we did! Alli came home from FL for a visit and we offically became a couple on Febuary 10th 2009. Tis last December 7th, Alli proposed! It was a complete surprise, I had absolutely no idea bc we had been talking about getting engaged at the end of 2012. She took to Bloomingdale’s,(which I wasn’t happy about at all considering it was my day off and I had NO idea what was about to happen! lol) and sat me down on “Our” Bench, which took a while bc it was raining. (I CLEARLY didn’t make it easy LOL). she presented me with a ring, a 100 year old family heirloom which I didn’t even know existed! What started out as a very grouchy day for me ended in complete joy. I’m so honored to call her my fiance :)We have been through everything together and are super excited to start this new chapter in our lives.

If I can give advise to ANY girl like me, just FOLLOW YOUR HEART! My head HAS played games with me but no matter what, we’ve made it through and can’t WAIT for our future together! I know I rambled, I’m not the best writer.(My fiance should really be writing this lol)

It’s so nice to have this website to see other couples like us, get ideas, admire people’s journey, and to honestly just take an enormous amount of pride in who we are!

PS- Check out the awesome Video montage my fiance made for us at Youtube.com and search “Surprise Lesbian Engagement”

Lucky I'm in Love With My Best Friend

Fast Facts

First met: At Bloomingdale's
First date: Febuary 10th, 2009
Got engaged: December 7, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Alli proposed to Jackie
Our last name will be: Probably mine, Martine, not 100% sure yet

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