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Jaelyn & Tiffany

We met in middle school, and at first i thought she was crazy. But we instantly clicked and from there we became bestfriends. And i got to know all her likes and disklikes, and everything about her that made her who she was. By the time we entered high school we were inseperable, when you seen one of us, you seen the other one. She never knnew that i already loved her, past all her flaws, and bad decisions, even stupid boyfriends. I loved her for who she was, she made me believe in a fairytale love. By the 10th grade i gave up on love, she never noticed me or my feelings so i decided to move on. On December 28, 2005 she confessed her secret feelings for me, and that night i seen fireworks. Finally i was gettin the one i truly deserved to be with, and i vowed that day, i would always be the love she could run too, no matter the situation i would be there.Given we had few disagreements that left us not talkin, but throughtout it all, my love never evaporated, but escalated for her. To me she is the perfect explanation of love, and i have no doubt that i am ready to spend the rest of my life with her. By her first hello, she melted my heart, the first time she called my name, i got weak. The first time she said i loved me, i was taken away. Im floating on a cloud of love, and im never coming down. Saying “I DO” will not prove my love to her, because that has already been proving, but it will acknowledge that we have a spell-bounding, un-explainable,ever-lasting type of love. That would only make sense by saying the words “I DO”

If Love Was Never Found, I Would Still Be Lost.

Love Inspiration

Being With The Love Of My Life Until Eternity Is All The Inspiration I Need.

Fast Facts

First met: Middle School
Ceremony location: Undecided
Favorite planning resource: Honeymoon

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Two Souls
Our wedding colors: Light Red & Cream
We will be wearing: Dress & Tuxedo
Who proposed to who: I Proposed To Her
Our last name will be: Artis
We are registered at:

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