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Bree & Jaime

If you can’t already tell from that photo, Halloween is a big time of year for us.

We met in September, and became an official couple on October 31st. We were both very shy at first but now we have no problems laying it all out flat on the table.

We’re both pagan witches in Niagara, Ontario and we’re both eager to start this new stage of life together….not to mention put an end to all this crazy hectic wedding planning!

While we dream of having two children some day – one by Jaime and one we will adopt – we currently have enough fur babies to fill our lives with love. Sadie our one-year-old pup who is a rescue from Romania. And three cats: Sebastion (our old man, Sir Sibs); Puddles the Cuddler; and Lacey the Scared. 😀

"Any Love that is Love is Right" - Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

Fast Facts

First met: Online
First date: September 2008
Got engaged: September 2009 at Victoria Lawn Cemetary
Ceremony location: TBD
Favorite planning resource: Various Sources
Honeymoon destination: TDB for next spring/summer

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Forest/Hunter Green and Maroon/Wine shades
We will be wearing: Mostly White
Who proposed to who: Jaime to Bree
Our last name will be: TDB possibly hyphenating
We are registered at: Home Outfitters

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