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Jeff & Steve

Two years ago I took Steve to the most romantic place I knew; a cliff in the Mountains, to ask Steve to be a part of my life! This August we returned to that memorable place to celebrate Two Amazing Years and to take the next step forward in Our Life together.

Steve suprised Me with a bed of roses on that very same cliff, and was dressed in his Very Best Outfit. After the best two years of my life, Steve asked me the most important question of both our lives. “I want you to be my FOREVER, Will you Marry ME?”

Fours days before Steve proposed I was in a very serious car accident leaving me in a wheelchair and leaving me with the “Glorious Job” of having to relearn to walk again. I don’t remember much of the accident aside from a car running in front of my scooter then “BLACK”. I woke up in an ambulance and was so happy to be alive!!! And then, it hit me!!! I couldn’t feel my legs!!! All I kept telling the Paramedic was I am getting engaged this Saturday! Every Dr and nurse I met that day I told them: “I ‘AM’ getting engaged this Saturday!” I didn’t care what they had to do! I didn’t care if they had to air lift me onto that Mountain. I was Getting engaged on Saturday!

Everyone worked with us doctors, nurses, hotel agents, car rental agents; everyone was just as determined to make this happen as I was. Steve is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of my life and I WAS NOT going to let him down!!! When he saw me in the hospital and found out I couldn’t stand or walk it didn’t matter to him. He told me he would love me no matter what happened. At that very moment he solidified what I already knew long ago. “This” was the “Right Guy”, and I was going to spend the rest of my life with him!!!

The day he proposed I was more determined then ever. I “WAS” going to walk! I was going to do this on my own two feet – no matter how PAINFUL it was! – Thank Heaven for the painkillers!!! The five minute walk up that moutain trail took me twenty-five minutes on my crutches. All the way up I kept hearing other tourists saying there is a guy up there and he is about to propose. I couldn’t get there fast enough! And my other thought was: “You Jerk, I am in shorts and a t-shirt!”

When I came around the corner and saw him on that Cliff I couln’t get to him fast enough! And there in front of all the other tourists he got down on one knee and proposed. I remember the people clapping and cheering for us in the background and tears welling up in my eyes as it took me less then a second to say “YES”!

Just over two years ago I found my soul mate, and this year he asked me to spend forever with him.

Will you be my Forever?

Fast Facts

Got engaged: August 23 2008
Ceremony date: 08/22/2009

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