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Jennifer & Rachel

Rachel and I are soul-mates. She is my best friend, and the one person I know I can always depend on. We Met 3 years ago at Blockbuster. I knew right away I had to be with her. I don’t know if it was her very fashionable pink cotton Sault Ste. Marie Country Club shirt, or how she pointed out my flaws in picking movies. We had never met, spoke, or crossed paths before in our lives and here is this cute little brunette making fun of my movie selection. I had asked for her number, however she was dating someone else at the time. I’m thinking Oh great here she is, the one person for me and she’s taken. I left blockbuster that night without a movie and without a number.

About 3 days later I was on the Internet and decided to check my Myspace. There she was. The brunette from Blockbuster adding me to be her friend on myspace! Of course I accepted. We chatted a few times through e-mail and she told me she was coming down to my area to visit her dad. She asked if she could stop by. I had the biggest smile on my face and I remember jumping for joy. I’ve done nothing but think of her for a week now and my chance to see her again was coming sooner than i thought.

I looked through my closet for what seemed like 3 days, or maybe it was three days (Hey i needed the perfect outfit!) The day she arrived was the happiest day of my life,(at this point anyway), she was just as beautiful as I remembered. We decided to go to lunch at the steak house in town, it didn’t open for a few hours so we spent time walking through bed bath and beyond. Of course she liked everything I didn’t, and I the same. I should have thought at this point, you’re nothing alike, RUN! I didn’t. The way we talked and the chemistry was just to strong to ignore. So what i liked Brown and she liked Black, if that’s our biggest fight i think we’ll be just fine.

After lunch and the battle of who’s going to pay, we went back to my place. My roommate and her boyfriend were going to put in Saw II, (A scary movie, here’s my chance!) I asked her to stay and she did. The whole way through the movie my stomach was turning, my hands sweaty , and my knees weak. I tried inching my hand towards hers, but i didn’t want to go to far, I mean she’s still dating that other girl. The movie came to a close and i begged her to stay. “Just sleep on my couch” I said as i laid my head on her stomach. Man did that feel right. Just leaning on her as she rubbed my back, I’ve never felt a feeling so strong. Her conscious got the best of her and she left. I went to bed that night now on a mission, I have to make her mine!

The following day i met the family, and by family, i mean Mom and 2 younger sisters. We walked around the county fair. Got some french fries she said i just HAD to have. We shared the snack as we walked around looking at the animals and the people walking by. This weekend as now been the best time of my life, well so i thought.

Rachel Traveled over 300 miles back home that night and i lay thinking about nothing but how i am going to win her over. I knew we were suppose to be together, why didn’t she? I ended up sending her a rose with a card attached that read, “One chance is all I need to make you the happiest person in the world” Charming isn’t it? I thought so. But then the phone calls stopped, as well as the e-mails. I guess the other girl wins.

A few months later, i met someone else. We got involved in a relationship and i moved away to make it work. Rachel called me that Christmas, asking me what I was up to. Her and the other girl just broke up and she wanted to see me. Oh sure NOW you want to see me, it’s been like 5 months! She broke my heart, why would I want to see her? So i Drove 150 miles to meet her at the mall. Man was that a mistake. Now i am dating someone and the sight of her just brought back all these old feelings. What am I going to do now? I left the mall that night thinking to myself, I can’t hurt my Girlfriend. So I went home to her, and tried to suppress the feelings i had deep down for Rachel.

A few conversations on the phone, and a year and a half later, my Ex and I broke up. Who do you think was the first person I called? YUP! Rachel. We started talking, I was a mess. Crying and going on and on about how my ex left me. Rachel as always was right there to listen. She was always good at that. We talked on the phone everyday after that night. Sometimes for a few minutes sometimes for hours. About a Month after we started talking again I met another member of the lesbian community. She had said i looked familiar and started naming of people she knew. Ironically one of them were Rachel. When I said I knew Rachel, and exclaimed “HER GIRLFRIEND IS ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS!!!” She was just excited I knew someone she did(I’m not sure why though. My heart dropped. What? Rachel is dating someone? Why didn’t she tell me? Who is this girl? And what am I going to do now? Nothing. I kept calling Rachel. I told her how nice it’d be to see her and hang out. After a month of continued persuasion. She agreed. We are meant for one another. She dumped that girl the next day.

A few weeks later i drove 500 miles to see her. The instant I got here i hugged her and we just sat laying in each others arms. We drove around that day, she introduced me to all of her friends. We went to Canada,(My first time ever having been out of the country) and it was amazing. We walked a mall, had lunch, went to see “P.S I Love You” and went for a drink. Oh and did i mention, we started dating! Finally! After 3 years of waiting! We were actually together, and this time we had no one else in our lives.

I moved to where she lived just 2 weeks later. We had the best first month of our lives. And on February the 14th, she took me to Tahquamenon Falls where she then proposed to me. We had a picnic in the back of her Explorer, and this really was the happiest day of my life. Now we have been living our dreams out ever since.

Rachel and I are buying a house this summer, getting married next may, and starting a family as soon as we are both financially stable. I was right all along, we were meant to be. No force of nature would ever pull us apart.

"I love you like a Big Squirrel Loves a Big nut! That's a lot.. cause' big squirrels love big nuts"

Love Inspiration

We were together for 3 years, We want to show that commitment to our families.

Fast Facts

First met: summer of 2006
First date: Officially? 1-14-2008
Got engaged: 02-14-2008
Ceremony location: Hopefully CastleFarms
Favorite planning resource: GayWeddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Not sure yet!!!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Baby Blue and Brown
We will be wearing: Jennifer in a formal wedding dress, Rachel in a tuxedo
Who proposed to who: Rachel Proposed to Jennifer
Our last name will be: Mandelstamm

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