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Jessika & Corinne Jane

We dance all day in many different ways.Some of our dances are soft and sexy, were we are alone with eachother. Some of our dances are with the boys we share and the life that springs up around our family. Some of our dances are filled with tears and growth where we get to witness and support eachother.Some of our dances are rough and bossy, were we compete-jessika especially likes rumi.There is no one else I would want to dance the dance of life with.


Love Inspiration

The way we grow and love one another. I don't want to miss a day of knowning of what she experiences and how she see's the world.

Fast Facts

First met: Mark Henry's birthday party August 2005
First date: Dinner and Dancing*Kisses October 1, 2005
Got engaged: April 18,2009
Ceremony location: A beach that will be kind to the hair :)
Favorite planning resource: Eachother, family and friends
Honeymoon destination: A big bed in a small town.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Wedding
Our wedding colors: undecided
We will be wearing: A dress, a suit, some boots and nice undies
Who proposed to who: Corinne proposed to Jessika
Our last name will be: Groppe or Dupree

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