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Kari & Jill

We are an upbeat, fun loving couple who met while working and have not been able to separate since our first date! We both have amazingly supportive families and we are looking forward to sharing our special day with them. Kari has been looking forward to her wedding day since she was a little girl! Jill on the other hand never thought she would get married. All that changed when we met eachother! Kari approached Jill one night at work and proceeded to ask her a bunch of questions. When Kari went home that night she quickly searched Jill on myspace.com in hopes she would find her there and they could chat. After 45 minutes of searching (sounds desparate but really its not) Kari found Jill. Jill thought Kari was married with a 3 year old and Kari thought Jill was a bigtime player. Anyways we both quickly realized we were wrong and we went on out first date. We have been loving every minute ever since.

Everything happens for a reason.

Love Inspiration

Our undying love for eachother!

Fast Facts

First met: 12-06-07
First date: 12-08-07
Got engaged: 02-01-09
Ceremony location: Pennsylvania
Favorite planning resource: Friends
Honeymoon destination: Carribean

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Persimmon/Expresso
We will be wearing: Jill a form fitting suit/Kari a dress
Who proposed to who: Jill proposed to Kari
Our last name will be: Kari's last name

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