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Julia & Rebecca

We’ve had many lifetimes together.

We first met each other in this life, in 5th grade. When Rebecca first saw Julia walk into her classroom she says she “nearly fell out of her chair” as she recognized her soul mate immediately. We developed a deep friendship in school reading poetry, listening to music, and spending hours talking on the phone. We first knew we loved each other when we were in high school at the age of 14, it was then that we started our romantic relationship.

During this time in our relationship, we were forced to hide our love. Our parents both forbid us from seeing one another, and eventually Rebecca was forced to attend another school. We tried to keep our love alive but we were forbidden from speaking to one another. At the ages of 17, we both made our separate ways due to the extreme stress on our relationship. Rebecca joined the army and served two tours in Iraq. Julia married, had a son, and later divorced.

But..they thought of each other all the time, even being thousands of miles apart and after many years of separation.

In 2006, Rebecca decided to write to Julia and they slowly began a friendship. This friendship quickly turned into the rekindling of our love and persists today and forever.

"Whatever happens out there, here you will always be my queen." Wuthering Heights

Love Inspiration

Each other!

Fast Facts

First met: September 1990 (5th grade)
First date: May 2006
Got engaged: July 4, 2011
Ceremony date: 07/06/2014
Ceremony location: La Push, WA
Honeymoon destination: Washington

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: Rebecca-Tuxedo, Julia-Wedding Gown
Who proposed to who: Rebecca proposed to Julia
Our last name will be: Jacobson-Davila

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