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Alisha & Katie

We met on July 16th 2008. She came over with my former college roommate to pick up some things with her. It was a fluke that she was even there, she came on a whim. I remember standing in my front yard and I saw in profile through the backseat window and I knew I had to get a better look at her. I walked over to where they had parked. I was looking down and in a surreal slow motion moment my eyes traveled up until they met hers. she was perfect. She took my breath away and stole my heart right then and there. I am shy though and did not say anything to her. We went into my house and I knew that she was texting my roommate about me so I took her phone and read the text. It said “She is really pretty :)” The whole night I was playing hard to get waiting for her to make her official move. She did. I remember we were in the backseat of the car and she leaned over and kissed me. First our lips became one and then our bodies. I wanted nothing more but to Freeze that moment in time.

Our relationship from that day on has been amazing. Despite our ups and downs we have made it through everything and always come out on top. I love this girl with every fiber of my being. I would take a bullet for her. I knew from day one she was meant to be mine and I was meant to be hers and we never questioned it. Our lives have molded together perfectly and easily just like a fairytale.

We are best friends, lovers, and partners.

As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.

Love Inspiration

Our love is unlike anything we have encountered before. When our eyes met the first time both our hearts stopped and we knew that nothing would ever be the same in our lives. The compatibility between us proves we were made for each other.

Fast Facts

First met: July 16, 2008 Our paths crossed on my mothers street.
First date: July 18, 2008 I was invited to her house
Got engaged: We knew we were getting married the moment we met.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Confession of Love
Our wedding colors: Black and White and Red and Forrest Green
We will be wearing: White
Who proposed to who: Katie proposed to Alisha
Our last name will be: Brown

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