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Katherine & Tova

Tova and I have been together for two and half years now.We met through a mutual friend of our when I was still in high school. We met my junior year at a school dance. I knew that the moment I saw her I wanted to be hers forever.We danced that night and exchanged numbers. Who knew that we would end up here two years later? Later that night we started texting each other then calling each other to be on the phone for hours. After a year of dating we moved in together, my senior year in high school. We had been living together two years before I proposed in December 2007.I love her and cant wait to marry her. We plan to marry on March 5,2010. The day I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Always and Forver

Love Inspiration

my love for her has always

Fast Facts

First met: High school dance
First date: november 5 2005
Got engaged: december 24 2007
Ceremony location: houston,tx

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