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Kathryn & Amy

When we began planning our ceremony, we had no idea that we’d become “poster brides” for an Internet company founded for the sole purpose of supporting gay couples who wish to marry! But, then again, that’s part of the fun of planning a wedding: you just never know what the planning process and celebration will bring into your life.

We had a protracted engagement because we couldn’t figure out where we could have a ceremony which suited our vision: to bring our community of friends and family together and play for an extended weekend.

The day we set foot on the property where our ceremony eventually happened, we knew we had found it and wrote a check on the spot.

The hallmark of our wedding weekend was Hurricane Dennis which sat off the Eastern Shore for much of the week leading up to our celebration and then paid a visit on our wedding day. The rains were so severe we had to move everything (except a very wet croquet tournament!) indoors.

In the end, though, we love the dramatic story and even received a high compliment from a friend who had attended the ceremony and recently said that she didn’t remember that there had been any rain that weekend!

"The purpose of your Union is for loving and serving each other and for taking responsibility for putting the other person first." -- a wise friend

Love Inspiration

We have been inspired by the relationships of our parents and support of our friends & extended community

Fast Facts

First met: The coldest day of the year, 1993
First date: First Thursday in March, 1993
Got engaged: At an anniversary dinner, 1995
Ceremony date: 09/03/1999
Ceremony location: Queenstown, MD
Favorite planning resource: The Essential Guide for Lesbian & Gay Weddings
Honeymoon destination: Didn't really take one!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding
We will be wearing: First thought: jeans & fleece. Reality: off-white dresses
Who proposed to who: Amy "proposed" to Kathryn
Our last name will be: We're keeping our own names

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan
Vendors we recommend to other couples: GayWeddings.com!

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