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Kathy & Patricia

We have been together 14 years. When domestic parterships came about we registered, but always wanted to be married. The thought of something happening to one of us with no rights bothered me. I live in california, where gay marriage has been an issue. In 2008 same sex marriage was approved from June- Novemberof 2008. Then they took it away. As soon as we had the chance to be legally married we did. On July, 28 2008 we were married. Soon after wards the supreme court stoped same sex weddings. However even though we are legally married, we still do not have all the rights of a hetrosexual couple.

Fast Facts

First met: 8-17-1996
First date: 8-27-1996
Ceremony location: Stockton, Ca

In Case You Were Wondering

Our last name will be: Haynie-Archibeque

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: When told we were married

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