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Keisha & Stephanie

Stephanie and I met through my best friend, She( my best friend was dating her brother at the time ) We met while we were in high school. She lived about an hour from me, so we had a so called long distance realtionship for awhile. It was a tough time for us because our families found out, and it didnt go over well as most of them dont at first. I ended the realtionship and thought it would be a good idea to get with a guy ( hahah boy was i wrong ) i have a beautiful little girl from that realtionship but my heart wasnt there at all. So when i hit 20 i decided that it was time to stick up for myself weather she was still there or not and She was and here we are today. Our families have tried everything to keep us apart but still the love we have for each other cant be torn apart! So i think that its time to make it as offical as possible and finally be with the one i have wanted to be with for a long time now. We have been together for 4 yrs now and i couldnt be happier!

Fast Facts

First met: 2000
Ceremony date: 04/23/2010

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony

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