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Kesha & Keith

I met Keith when I was 16 years old and clearly we were interested in one another. We talked a short while,but our 6 year age difference wouldn’t let us go any further. We saw each other from time to time over the years but only said our hi’s and goodbuy’s. Now, 15 years and a baby later we meet again only to know we can’t imagine our lives without each other. I love her and she loves me. My son is crazy about her and she’s just the same about him. She’s just simply the best. It wouldn’t have worked 15 years ago, but it’s forever now.

Meant 2 Be

Love Inspiration

2 hearts beat as one

Fast Facts

First met: 15 years ago
First date: August 2008 -We went to a club and it felt as if we were sou
Got engaged: March 19,2009
Ceremony location: New Orleans, La
Favorite planning resource: www.gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Jamaica

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Soulmates
Our wedding colors: Rainbow
We will be wearing: (Kesha)-Traditional wedding gown with rainbow band (Keith)-
Who proposed to who: Keith proposed to Kesha
Our last name will be: Anthony

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