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Kevin & Stephen

We have had a wonderful 15 years together, a life filled with love and laughter…but, no one plans for the unexpected. I lost my beloved Stephen on May 13, 2010 suddenly during his sleep of a heart attach. He was only on this earth for 49 years, but I was honored to be called his partner for part of the time he was here. It is till too soon for me to think about finding someone else, but I know that he would want me to move on and find someone who will make me as happy as he did in the short time we were together. He always made me feel safe and loved each and every day we were together. For those of you that believe in love at first site, know that it can happen. It happened to us and we made the best of each day we were together, I am just sorry that we didn’t see the day when we had the equal opportunity as all American’s do to marry, we would have been there. Even though we didn’t have the paper to prove it, he was my husband and I was his. I will miss my Stephen each and every day, God bless you and until we meet again and stand before our maker and let him bless our union.



Fast Facts

First met: through friends
First date: Nov. 19, 1995

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