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Kirby & Jessica

We met through theater. I (Kirby) was Captain Thespian for the state of Arizona and Jessica was on her schools drama board. We attended various conferences and camps and apparently had originally met the Summer of 2000, but weren’t officially introduced until 2 summers later at Thespian Camp. It started as a casual friendship, a phone call here and there and a get together every few months. It wasn’t until September of 2005 that we decided to give the relationship thing a try. From then on we’ve been like a pair of magnets. We’ve most certainly had our bad moments and tried to repel from one another, but like magnets do, we were back into each-others arms in no time at all, and it was then we realized that this was it.

I’m a Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company and have decided to go back to school to earn a degree in Business Marketing/Advertising. Jessica works as a photographer and as an assistant to a psychiatrist as well as attending college to earn a degree in Forensics Psychology.

We are thrilled to start this new chapter in our lives together and are blessed to have such supportive friends and family. In the near future I hope to be promoted to a District Manager, Jessica to transfer to an accredited University, buy our first home and start a family!

"Accidentally in love."

Love Inspiration

Our love is magnetic, we can't keep away from one another, it's inspiring!

Fast Facts

First met: Thespian Camp 2002
First date: Kirby says Cracker Barrel, Jess didn't know it was a date!
Got engaged: September 3rd 2007
Ceremony location: Rio Vista Recreation Center
Favorite planning resource: Our married friends!
Honeymoon destination: Still planning.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: It's a Celtic tradition called a Hand Fasting.
Our wedding colors: Tuscan Orange and Sage
We will be wearing: Jess will probably wear a dress, Kirby in pants :)
Who proposed to who: Jessica asked Kirby!
Our last name will be: Garcia

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