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Kristen & Emily

We are the envy of lots of couples. We understand eachother so perfectly and have so much love for one another. I cant imagine life without emily, she just completes me. We have just moved into our new apartment, and we got a dog who is now our baby 🙂

Emily is so excited about the engagement and has told her family, my family doesnt know i’m gay and has no idea I live with her for that matter. Yes, we’re young and in love, and i’m not ashamed to tell anybody that i’m marrying the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.

I was working at a gas station in a little town called cisco texas going to college on a dance scholarship. I had just moved from south padre island and was trying to get my basics done before I moved on to bigger and better things.

Emily was the girl that was going through a horrible breakup, driving around town aimlessly to get her mind off things. Having moved to cisco for school with a soccer scholarship, and little money to her name.

She came into the gas station because her card was declined for the first time and the screen told her “PLEASE SEE ATTENDANT”

well, emily later mentioned that the screen never said “FALL IN LOVE WITH ATTENDANT” but thats exactly what happened.

She walked in through the glass doors and our eyes made contact, like the world paused for two seconds and I was hooked. Her big blue eyes and vacant expression held my attention long enough to realize that I was supposed to be working… not staring off, so I quickly began messing with buttons to get her gas pump working.

Emily came into that gas station everyday after that, and bought random candy and water while writing sweet notes on the backs of her reciepts for me.

I never came out as gay to anybody, I was the girl that the guys knew they couldnt have but would try anyway. The girl that had alot of friends but no boyfriends.

Emily and I were the talk of the town when people began to realize that Kristen, the girl who was never going to be with anyone willingly, was dating Emily.

We then began calling ourselves Local Celebrities. Now Engaged 🙂

yours forever and for always :)

Love Inspiration

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Fast Facts

First met: April 2008 at a gas station
First date: April 08 road trip
Got engaged: October 5 2008
Ceremony location: The Ridge Resorts on lake tahoe
Favorite planning resource: theknot.com
Honeymoon destination: undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A WEDDING :)
We will be wearing: Kris- dress Em- tux
Who proposed to who: Emily proposed to Kristen
Our last name will be: Grand

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