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I first met Lent in 2007 through her sister. At first I did not want to give her the time of day, but she was so persistent. I used to work long hours and she would wait for me till I got off of work. We would talk until the wee morning hours. One day while in the car we shared our first kiss and it was magical. After that kiss I think we were both hooked but we were both tied down by other relationships. We started seeing each other more and more. She would come to my job and clean my car out, and just basically take care of me. I have never met someone who would go to such lengths to make sure I was happy. On Feburary 29 a day we will never forget we finally decided to give it a shot and date. Since that date we have never looked back. We have two beautiful boys together. She is my best friend, and the love of MY life and I know that there is no one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. We have been been together four years and are ready to finally tie the knot.


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Fast Facts

First met: OCT 2007
Got engaged: FEB 13,2010
Ceremony date: 06/21/2013
Ceremony location: ALBANY GA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: EVERLASTING LOVE
Our wedding colors: DK PURPLE, LAVENDER, SILVER
We will be wearing: DRESS AND SUIT
Who proposed to who: LENT PROPOSED TO LACEY
Our last name will be: DORSEY

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