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We meet online, as most do nowadays: which Kris had to pay $26.95 to send me an email. We went to lunch, then Kris suggested a horrible movie. We ended the date at a coffee shop (8 hours later). I (Lea Ann) knew that I loved her within a few days and that I wanted to be with her for always. So I asked her to share her life with me. She and I mesh well. We are now in the process of blending her children with my child, which makes five total, into a family. It is wonerful. We have our ups and downs, but so do most couples. I have faith that everything is going to be just wonderful.


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Fast Facts

First met: Online personals
First date: Movie and Coffee
Got engaged: Feb 2008
Ceremony location: JCMCC Indianapolis
Favorite planning resource: Complete Guide to Lesbin and Gay Weddings
Honeymoon destination: A quiet place with no kids.....

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Black and Pink
We will be wearing: Lea a dress/Kris a suit
Who proposed to who: Lea Ann to Kris

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