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LaSonya & TaSheba

My wife & I had some what of a Wild Goose Chase! On her part that is…This is how the stroy went>>>>>>>

She was looking for some furniture and happen to walk in the furniture store in which I was employed. We experienced ‘silent love at first sight’ a little flirting went on as we found out our birthdays were in the same month well, 4 days apart to be exact-mine on 2-1 and hers 2-5! To top it all off we had the same favorite football team-Dallas CowBoys! Months and months of flirting and seeing each other off and on. She wasn’t very sure if this was the actual relationship She wanted so of course running from true love, She ran away from me for 5 years. She would pop up at my job every now and then as if no time had elapsed between us. Of course being the charming women that I am, I gladly embraced her with conversation, flirting, and of course with love and passion in my eyes secretly saying to her “You are going to be mine one of these days, and it’s going to be sooner than you think” -Yep, that’s what I was saying and I know she was too! LOL! Anyway, We eventually met up again and this time we were not about to let each other go. My way of purposing was this…’Well, I guess the only thing left to do now is to get married’ So I showed up at her job the next day with a Brides magazine and said go ahead and start planning. So as any women in her right mind who knows this is the Love of her life, she didn’t ask any questions and she immediatley started planning. 4 Months later we had a very small and private wedding which only consited of us, 3 witnesses, and the Minister. So with all that said, we are now coming up on 2 Wonderful years of Marriage on November 19, 2007. We are finally having our Formal Wedding Ceremony with a guest list of over 40 people to enjoy a 4 course Meal, drinks, music and of course a very Unique Ceremony on Saturday, November 17, 2007! This is our story!

Our Love is Forever-We make Each other Better!

Love Inspiration

The Everlasting & Unconditional love we share

Fast Facts

Got engaged: July 2005
Ceremony location: Lake Carolina-Columbia, SC
Favorite planning resource: etlskg1@mysite.com & gayweddings.com

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: "Our Elegant & Unique Venture of Love"
Our wedding colors: Purple, Lavender, White & Silver
We will be wearing: Nicky-Tuxedo Sheba-Dress
Who proposed to who: Nicky "told" Ta'Sheba they were getting married. There was
Our last name will be: Nicky's Last name which is Smith(Same for 2 years now)

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