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Norma & Laura

Gosh, where do I begin? Well, Norma and I went to middle and high school together and we played volleyball and basketball for our schools. Norma was the ALLSTAR basketball player and let me tell you, she knew it too!

It wasn’t till my freshman and Norma’s sophomore year that I felt this attraction towards her. We weren’t very close friends but we sat at the same lunch table in high school and we shared the same friends. Norma always looked “gay” to me but hey, I was a tomboy so maybe she was one too. I remember sitting there at the lunch table catching myself staring at her, her smile and oh God that dimple of her’s…She was sooo cute. But how could I find another girl so attractive? Being raised as a pastor’s daughter and not to mention both parents were pastor’s, I was “sinning”. I was taught that being gay was not of God.

Well, I left high school my sophomore year because I got pregnant. By the way, that’s another “sin”,(having sex before marriage). I was forced to get married because that was the “right” thing to do. So I did…I never saw Norma again.

Nineteen years, 3 kids, a grand-daughter, and a few failed bad relationships later, I found myself single and not wanting anything to do with love. But throughout those 19 years I thought about Norma Tabares often. Was she married with 5 kids, was she living in San Antonio, hell, was she even gay?

Ah, Facebook…Thank God for the creator of Facebook. A cousin of mine had talked me into making an account and so I did. I had made it back in 2007 and wasn’t very loyal to it. I don’t know what made me get on that day in June of 2009 but I did. I found a friend of mine who Norma and I had hung around with in high school. I took the liberty to browse through her profile and then her friends and oh my God there she was…I saw her name, Norma Tabares…I’ll never forget the picture she had on her profile. She was wearing a bright green T-shirt (by the way green is her favorite color), her hair slicked back in a bun and oh gosh that smile and that DIMPLE! I wasn’t even looking for her. There are no words to describe the way I felt when I saw her. Lets just say I couldn’t stop jumping around like a kid getting a present he/she had wished for. I clicked on her profile and the first thing I looked at was her relationship status and oh yeah, it said “SINGLE”. She did not say wether she was interested in men or woman so I still didn’t know if she was gay. I found her on June 17, one day after her 35th birthday. Haha, there was my chance to break the ice. I wished her a happy belated birthday and invited her to be my friend. I checked my facebook loyally every day to see if I had any response from her. Finally after, what was to me, the longest two days ever, she responded.

A mutual friend of ours, who knew how I felt about Norma, called her and invited her to a friend of mine’s birthday party. She passed the phone to me and when I heard Norma’s voice, I wanted to tell her how after all these years I always thought about her. But I kept my cool. LOL We talked on the phone and caught up on our lives. She had just gotten out of a relationship of nine years and so had I. We both talked about how we wanted time for ourselves and how maybe love really didn’t exist. Norma had no clue how I felt about her.

June 25th, the day of my friend’s party…The anticipation of her getting there was killing me. I told myself, “if you see her and you have no feelings, then all it was was a phase you were going through in high school”. Not the case at all. Norma was running late and I had my friend calling her every 5 minutes asking her if she was coming. She was coming and oh God, I had never chugged down frozen margaritas as fast as I did that day. “She’s here”!!!! I remember looking towards the entrance and there she was…Norma Tabares and that DIMPLE!!! I got tears in my eyes, my stomach had billions of butterflies, my hands were sweaty and I knew at that moment I had never stopped loving her! I ran to her and I held her tight in my arms. It was really her. She was in my arms…Oh God how I didn’t want to let go but I did. LOL I didn’t want to scare her away!!

That night I told her exactly how I felt, thanks to the margaritas and Dos XX’s. I wasn’t gonna let another 19 years pass without her knowing that I had always loved her. We spent the rest of the night talking and she was so surprised that I felt that way about her. She was absolutely clueless. Since that night we have not been away from each other and we never will again! She is going to be my wife and I am going to be her’s. Thank God we didn’t give up on LOVE! It does exist and we are living proof that it does. To be continued….

Why? "Why can't people just face the fact that you and I were meant to be"

Love Inspiration

Noone needed to inspire us...We LOVE each other and that in itself was OUR inspiration!

Fast Facts

First met: In middle school
First date: The Martini Bar in San Antonio, TX
Got engaged: October 25, 2009
Ceremony location: TBA
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our wedding
Our wedding colors: Lavender and eggshell
We will be wearing: Haven't decided yet
Who proposed to who: Norma proposed to Laura
Our last name will be: Tabares

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