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Laura & Shawnna

When Shawnna & I met we were both ending relationships that just were not working. We met on a online mommy group, swapped myspace id’s & became fast friends. We started out emailing, chatting & talking on the phone. It didnt take long to turn into something more serious. I would sit around & look forward to her calls………she later told me she did the same thing. One day while talking we decided we should meet in person. I definatly wanted to meet on netural territory. (I mean what if we were repulsed by each other?)

I think I was the one that threw out the “let’s meet in Vegas”, She said “when do you want to go?” & that was the beginning of forever.

We spent the most incredible 4 days there having a blast! We were definatly not repulsed by each other lol although the first night we met I thought Shawnna was never going to shut up, She was so nervous she talked NONSTOP! But by the end of our trip neither one of us wanted it to end.

I think it was a week after we came back from Vegas that she asked me to move in with her & it took a month for me to actually commit but looking back I know it was all meant to be. If there was ever a couple that was made in heaven for each other it would have to be us.

It has not be easy, sometimes it in fact has been very rocky & I didnt know if we would make it but Shawnna said she never doubted one time that we wouldnt spend forever together.

You see, on our first night in Vegas she said “someday you’re going to marry me” and I just rolled my eyes & said “sure”. I think it just flew acrossed my mind when she said it because I never even thought of myself having a long term relationship with this girl. Even though we hit it off right away, we are as different as night & day. She is consertative, I am……not. She likes earthy folk music ( I didnt even know who the Indigo girls were before we met), I am very much a the louder & more rawr the better type girl but I now know what she has always said is true. We are perfect together!

We even each other out in the best way possible & I know that no one could ever love me more. Shawnna knows me better then I even know myself & we can just look at each other & know what the other person’s thinking.

Shawnna says she was born to be with me & I feel the exact same way.

My whole life I have always felt I was searching for something, now I know it was her. I can finally say I feel complete & I am blissfully happy………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Its just you & me against the world baby & what an adventure it’s going to be!!

I love you

"In case I haven't told you today, you're beautiful"...........Shawnna tells me this every single day

Love Inspiration

Our grandparents...........we want forever

Fast Facts

First met: We met on a yahoo mommy group
First date: Four amazing days in Vegas
Got engaged: On Laura's birthday.......it was the best birthday ever!
Ceremony location: Oklahoma City
Honeymoon destination: San Francisco

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: The Beginning Of Forever
Our wedding colors: Black &...........undecided
Who proposed to who: Shawnna got down on one knee & proposed......it was perfect
Our last name will be: Etchieson

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