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Leonard & Daniel

Dan and I have been together for 28 years. We met one night under very unusual circumstances that can only be attributed to Divine intervention. It was meant to be. We were both at a bar that neither of us intended to visit that night. It was a complete fluke that we were both there. After several hours I was leaving and a music video kept me lingering. I turned and saw Dan across the room and saw him in a golden orb. I even said to myself “it’s a sign from God he is the one”. Several hours later we finally spoke and exchanged numbers. Due to work and social commitments we did not have our first date for another 3 weeks. When we finally met we could not have been more different. I was a Billy Idol/Flock of Seagulls/Girbaud hipster-make up artist and he was a conservative preppy banker in penny loafers, cuffed Levis and a madras shirt. After a Sapporo Beer and a teka-maki roll we headed for a long walk on the beach. Later he gave me a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses, I felt like a prom queen. No one had ever treated me so kindly. It was love at first date and we have been inseparable ever since. 28 years later we have built an amazing life together. We have lived all over the US, pursued individual careers, traveled, own property and we cannot imagine life apart. The right to marry is bittersweet as we should have been married at least 26 years ago..to allow 2 years for a proper engagement!

28 years is like 100 staight years

Love Inspiration

It's time that after 28 years of being together, our love is recognized by the world.

Fast Facts

First met: July 5 1985
First date: July 26 1985
Got engaged: May 22 2013
Ceremony location: Beverly Hills Calif Courthouse
Favorite planning resource: Me
Honeymoon destination: Paris

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