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Lequesha & Tamaris

Expressing how I feel about my Boo, is never hard. But it is hard not to smile, not to tear up, and it’s hard to keep it short and simple. When we first saw each other, I dont think either one of us was that impressed. We met through a good friend of mine. First impressions can be changed… Because the second time I seen her DAMN!!! it was a saturday night and she entered my life by storm and we have been together every since……. much more to come…. Ten years apart, we have a 16yr old son,and we share the same dreams, we plan on living our life together in Seattle,WA. Im currently in school, (associates, in culinary arts) she will be starting school in WA, ( R>N>)…and we are becoming one as a whole. Nothing and no one can break us apart. We are a very interesting couple btw. And as you get to know us you will see exactly what we mean

She completes me

Love Inspiration

The love we share is endless

Fast Facts

First met: December 4, 2007
First date: December 2007
Got engaged: November 18, 2008
Ceremony location: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite planning resource: ourselves
Honeymoon destination: Seattle, WA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: The Trinity
We will be wearing: me(suit) her Dress
Who proposed to who: I proposed and she got me a ring too
Our last name will be: Batemon-Heard

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