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Lisa & Lavonne

my Vinnie and I have been together for almost 2yrs. We have more in common than most. She finishes my sentences and I hers. We are very much in tuned with each other and more importantly we have a profound Respect for each other. We know where we came from, what we came from and where were going. But we are doing it together. We want a special day to show our inner commitment to each other. We started out as good friends, best friends, and now we are all those but want to be married. Because of where we came from, we are 2 strong individuals and nothing can and or will change that. Love the out doors, nature, music, art. Both very effectionate and can’t be together enough. We can’t go an hr with out hearing each others voice and when we have been apart, its aparent how much we love each other

Love like we have 10minutes left

Fast Facts

First met: 16 yrs ago. @ my house
First date: W@as @ Beatles reunion
Got engaged: Under the tall trees/12/22
Ceremony location: On the Beach?
Favorite planning resource: N/A
Honeymoon destination: ?

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our wedding
Our wedding colors: white, kaki and ocean blue
We will be wearing: White cotton, gauze
Who proposed to who: Vinnie proposed to me
Our last name will be: Vinnies last name
We are registered at: N/A N/A

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