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Liz & Sara

How it all Began

I never believed that I would ever find my soul mate, or in this case my soul mate finding me. Starting a profile on Match.com I was a bit nervous. I was somewhat scared and horrified from the two weeks I started my profile. I started to think that the women on this site were crazy! I felt that maybe the women on this site where only looking for something different than I was seeking. I made a decision to send my request to cancel my subscription.

On the day I sent in the request to cancel I got a wink from Sara. I read her profile and I felt an automatic connection to her. Because I had already sent my cancellation in, I sent her a message back with my personal email in it telling her that if she was comfortable emailing me to do so. On November 7th Sara sent me an email.

We spoke over email for a couple weeks talking about our likes and dislikes, and how are days went. I instantly feel for her sense of humor and sarcasm. We…okay, maybe more so I, spoke about how nervous I was about our first “meet and greet”. What can I say, I speak my mind…. I also shared my nervousness as a bit of insurance just in case I acted like an idiot on our first date. It was on November 15th we had our first date at 2nd Moon Café in Minneapolis.

Our plan was to meet at 7pm. I got to the café a few minutes early to get us a table or thinking she may have beaten me to it. I walked into the shop looking around for Sara and as I looked around the corner there was no one that looked like her. See, in the pictures she had placed on Match showed her hair length above her shoulders. I tend to stick with a detail that’s easy to remember. …. While looking around the café I made eye contact with a girl with long hair below her shoulders, she gave me a smile so I smiled back thinking to myself, “that was nice.” Not knowing that was Sara. I stood at the front of the café for about ten minutes waiting for her to show up and then decided to get my coffee and find a seat. As I walked around the counter I passed the girl that smiled at me when I first arrived in the cafe. I took the table right behind her. As I was sitting there I started to think to myself that the girl in the table in front of me could be her…. It kind of looked like her, but I was so hung up on the hair length. Then I was thinking, what a fool I was and that it had to be her!!! I then became frozen in my seat while looking at her back and had no clue what to do next. About five minutes passed, which felt to me like an hour, Sara finally turned around and said, “Are you Liz?”

From that moment on we still continue to laugh together about our first date. I later found out that she had to pay thirty dollars to retrieve my email on Match. On Match you can send as many “winks” you want to for free. To email or receive an email you must pay for the subscription. To this day I thank her for the wink and she says it was the best thirty bucks she ever spent.

As I look at our love for one another I appreciate every day I have with Sara and how special it is. It’s not the wedding that matters most; it’s everything we share together. It’s the constant support, comfort, the growth of our love and warm companionship we find in each other. Day-to-day love is really about little things, a few words spoken, a quick kiss, the way we can each tell what the other is thinking. We are connected in thousands of beautiful ways that I can’t even fully understand. But, what I do know is that daily life is never boring for me because of Sara. She always finds ways to add a little excitement….whatever that may be. Most of all she is my everything. Our Wedding is a celebration of our love we have for each other, the commitment to always and forever be there for one another and to share that with our family and friends. So we will celebrate our love in the ways that makes our love true and real and continue that every day. This is what makes our Wedding Day so special to us.


Finding Vendors that believe our Wedding is no different was very frustrating for Sara and me. We would like to share great businesses we have worked with:

MDR Video, Mdrvideo.com, Rosemount, MN

David’s Bridal – Roseville, MN

Buttercream – Saint Paul, MN

The Traveling Photobooth, Mnpls, MN

Patricia Drury – Officaint,patricia@ritesoftheheart.com

Instant Request, Bloomington, MN

Midway Party Rental, Saint Paul, MN

Flowerama, Saint Paul, MN

One word frees us Of all the weight and pain in life, That word is Love ~ by Socrates ~

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: On Match.com - 11/07/06
First date: 2nd Moon Cafe - 11/15/06
Got engaged: August 3rd, 2007
Ceremony date: 06/13/2008
Ceremony location: Saint Paul, MN
Favorite planning resource: Internet
Honeymoon destination: Scottsdale,Arizona

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Our theme is, "The Perfect Pair"
We will be wearing: We are both wearing wedding dresses
Who proposed to who: We both did at the same time
Our last name will be: Gornick-Hudoba
We are registered at: Linens N Things Target

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: "No One" Alyshia Keys
Vendors we recommend to other couples: Patricia@ritesoftheheart.com www.instantrequest.com

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