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Malkia & Caroline

Amazingly enough, the story of how we met is fairly simple. Although no one wants to admit that they met in a bar, that is exactly what happened! However, there are a few twists to the story. A very dear mutual friend of ours, Dawn Parker, began mentioning the possibility of introducing us several months before we actually met. Unfortunately, at the time, Kia was unavailable. After several months, and even Kia meeting other friends of mine by chance, Kia and I were finally introduced by chance! The connection was instantaneous. Thankfully, Kia had no problem asking me to dance, although she had no idea how to two-step! From that moment on, I was Kia’s right, and sometimes left foot! After many years, after many trials and tribulations, we knew that the time was right for us to seal our bond.

I would have to say that we got engaged from the moment we laid eyes on one another! LOL! I knew from the very beginning that I had met the most special person that I would ever meet. I knew that I had met the woman who was to be my soul mate, my best friend, my confidant. I knew that I had found the one who would let me simply be me. Caroline has found a way not only into my heart; she has found a way through my heart. The idea of spending the rest of my life with her is just a blessing.

Faith, hope, and love forever remain these three; the greatest of these, is love.

Fast Facts

First met: Officially, we met at a local bar! Shh....
First date: Collinas Italian Restaurant
Got engaged: October 2007
Ceremony location: Doubletree Houston Downtown

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: The colors of fall
We will be wearing: Caroline will wear a suit; Kia will wear a traditional gown
Who proposed to who: Kia proposed to Caroline
Our last name will be: Dixon-Shannon
We are registered at: Target

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