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Mark & Roberto

We are a biracial, binational couple who have been together now going on seven years. Mark (57) is a retired executive who worked for 15 years in Brazil, and then returned to New York in 2001. After his return he and Roberto (30) met on the internet and began a long-distance relationship. In 2005 Mark retired from his job in the United States and he and Roberto bought an apartment in Ipanema, on of the neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Roberto is a professor of French at Aliança Francesa in Rio de Janeiro. He is currently working on his master’s degree in French in France.

Mark was reading an article in The New York Times about gay marriages in Connecticut and sent the article by email to Roberto and asked him if he would like to get married. And the answer was yes.

So here we are, planning a trip to the United States in December to get married between Christmas and New Years and then after we get back to Brazil we will have a celebration with our friends down there.

Love Inspiration

It is time

Fast Facts

First met: December 2003
First date: December 2003
Got engaged: July 2010
Ceremony location: Connecticut
Honeymoon destination: Los Angeles/San Francisco/Portland

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: It's about time
Who proposed to who: Mark proposed to Roberto
Our last name will be: McMahon

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