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Maureen & Lori

Lori and I met when she came in to interview at my place of business. She started working there a couple of weeks later, and as it is a small office we had ample opportunity to get to know each other.

She was in a relationship at that point and was very open about her sexuality. Because of my family situation, I was still pretty closeted about mine.

We went on a business trip together and had the opportunity to talk in depth and I told her I was gay.

Her relationship was already going downhill, so when she became single I was going to wait a bit before attempting anything, however she beat me to the punch in early February.

We now live AND work together, and have adopted a cat named “Boo”. I have finally come out to my entire family and encountered some hostility… however, her family has welcomed me with open arms.

Fast Facts

First met: December 2007
First date: February 10, 2008
Got engaged: September, 2008
Ceremony date: 10/09/2010
Ceremony location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Favorite planning resource: My own brain, realsimple.com
Honeymoon destination: Not sure yet

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Lori proposed to Maureen at Denver Botanical Gardens

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