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Megan & Jessica

Our names are Jessica and Megan, and met back in August of 2006. An ex girlfriend was secretly dating us both when we met. When we realized what she was up to, we broke up with her. We realized how much we had in common, how much we liked each other’s personalities, and started spending more and more time together.

We live in Michigan, and have no idea how to plan a wedding or reception! Megan’s family is very accepting of our partnership, whereas Jessica’s family is more iffy-ish about the idea. However, we are in love and cannot wait to have our commitment ceremony, start a family, and begin our life together.

Love Inspiration

We were 15 and 17 when we met; we were high school sweethearts.

Fast Facts

First met: August 30th, 2006
First date: September 29th, 2006
Got engaged: September 29th, 2008
Ceremony location: The Genesee Belle, and Bluebell Beach
Honeymoon destination: We haven't decided!

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Megan proposed to Jessica
Our last name will be: Trombley

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