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Meghan & Rachel

We met in our literature class of our junior year in high school. I am 23 now and Rcahel is 22. We have been together for two full years, it will be three years on our wedding date becasue we are getting married on our anniversary…the first three years were really tough for us and we were off and on, becasue I couldnt deside if she was the right person for me, but the heart knows what it wants!!! Because of the small town we lived in it was hard to have our relationship out, everybody in a small town talks…we werent able to come out until we were out of high school. By then it was well known about the town about our relationship and we were ready to deal with whatever people wanted to throw at us. We knew desiding to be together wasnt going to be easy but we also knew we didnt want to live without the other. We were made for each other, we both complete the others half. She make me the happiest perosn in the world, we can make each other laugh right after we had just had a disagreement. She knows me better than anybody in my life. I couldnt never imagine my life with out Rachel and Im so excited that Im so lucky to get to marry the woman of my dreams.

"Its not going to be easy, its going to be really hard. We are going to have to work at this, everyday but I want to do that beacuse I want you. I want all of you, forever, just you and me everyday."

Love Inspiration

Each other

Fast Facts

First met: Our junior year of high school in literature class
First date: We went to a mexican resturant
Got engaged: 3/31/2011 on Myrtle Beach
Ceremony date: 09/08/2012
Ceremony location: Habersham GA
Favorite planning resource: Internet
Honeymoon destination: Disney world!!!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A commitment ceremony
Our wedding colors: Plum, Cream, hit of Silver
We will be wearing: A wedding dress, and a pants suit.
Who proposed to who: Rachel got on her knee on the beach
Our last name will be: Willis

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