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Jacqueline & Melinda

Melinda and I met online.Melinda became a really close friend someone i could talk to about anything. I loved it. She was their even when i was talking about another girl. We texted for hours. Then one night at 3 am i woke up and asked if she was up she answered i asked ifshe wanted me to let her sleep she said no. Then i got really sick. I got h1n1 and melinda tried her ahrdest to take care of me through texts and online…then i told melinda to ask me on a date..so she did…Our first date was awesome…I was late…:( we went to the movies with her friend tyler and then we all went out that night and hung out and then when tyler was driving us back to melindas house i put my head on her and she put her head on mine and it was the worlds best feeling. I feel asleep. Which for me was huge i have a huge sleeping problem so to pass out was amazing. We got back to her house she walked me to my car and i gave her a hug. We didnt kiss but two min after i pulled away she texted me and asked me for a second date…

On our second date we where up till four am watching tv talking and we had our first kiss that am. THen i asked melinda to make things offical I went to leave got in the car to leave left and then melinda texted me and asked if i wanted to stay the night i said yea…but we both aggreed that we wouldnt do anything besides snuggle. we took things really slow. We woke up and melinda walked me to my car kissed me.

Fast Facts

First met: 10/?/2009
First date: 11/14/2009
Got engaged: 2/4/2010
Ceremony date: 05/17/2012
Honeymoon destination: Hawii

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our special day...
Our wedding colors: Red and Black
We will be wearing: A white dress
Who proposed to who: Melinda proposed to me
Our last name will be: Naso

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