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Melody & Darlene

The day it happened: Monday March 3, 2008 at 11:17 Cancun time J

Where: On our balcony overlooking palm trees

This was day three of our vacation and one of the most exciting because I got to swim with the dolphins! Dar has always gone out of her way to do special things for me… especially things that are on my “list to do before I die”. So needless to say this was a special day for me regardless. We woke up early and had a delicious buffet breakfast, and made our way to Delphinus for our dolphin encounter.. I will have to bring in the video so you can see the grin permanently plastered to me face for the entire hour!! The dolphins were so gorgeous and it was an experience I will never forget! When we got back to the resort we hung out around the pool and had drinks and enjoyed the sun. Later on in the night we got all gussied up and met our group for dinner.. The food at our restaurant was so yummy! After dinner we all went up to the lobby lounge to have cocktails and chat. We took some nice group shots of us all dressed up! After visiting for a while Dar asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and go spend some time together enjoying the lovely night. We walked back to our room and went out on our patio to enjoy the night air. We chatted about the day and how unbelievable it was…. We laughed and joked about things and somehow in the conversation we got to talking about another couple who was along on the trip that was married.. they are a bit dysfunctional and I made a comment that I would never want to be in a marriage like that.. Dar (teasing me as usual) said .. you don’t want to be married anyways.. and as always I quipped “You will make me an honest woman someday..” Suddenly she grabbed me by the hand and said stand up.. before I knew it she was down on one knee with my hand in her hand.. I instantly started to cry and I think squealed something like “Baby what are you doing????” she looked at me and said.. you want to be an honest woman, I love you.. so will you marry me??? It was very romantic and special, I couldn’t have asked for more! Between sobs I said yes and hugged her… Then I noticed the ring which was one I had seen months ago and loved… my hand were a bit swollen from the heat.. but I jammed er on there no problem J.. Then Dar told me she had asked my dad for permission which led to more tears and hugs… It was perfect! It really is a moment I will never forget!

Love knows no Boundaries!

Love Inspiration

My parents

Fast Facts

First met: In a Cafe somewhere ....
First date: I guess officially it would be the Cancer Walk..
Got engaged: In Cancun Monday March 3rd 2008
Ceremony location: TBD
Favorite planning resource: This website.. and my mom
Honeymoon destination: TBD

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: White Black & Hot Pink
We will be wearing: a dress
Who proposed to who: Dar proposed to me
Our last name will be: TBD.. this is still up for discussion

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