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Darcy & Manda

Manda and I met in March of 2009 on myspace. We both were actively dating or at least I was and she had just begun. We both were at the end stages of “getting over the ex” and both knew what we wanted in another person should that other person enter our lives. I couldn’t find it. She didn’t want it fully. She myspaced me and we corresponded for a couple of weeks and then decided to meet for dinner and drinks at the Lava Lounge.

I made it there first as I had left early to beat 5 o’clock traffic and she was late. I was standing outside waiting for her, just nervous and she sat at the stop light and watched me nervously kick the wall. In her words “she was so cute!” She pulled up and hopped out of her truck. She looked adorable and I was even more nervous. We had drinks and dinner and then sat outside of the lounge on a bench so I could “take a break”. I asked if she would take me for a drive as I didn’t want our date to end. She obliged and we drove around a lake nearby (Veneta lake).

I knew then that she and I were going to be a great pair. I just had to convince her as she was a bit jaded and skeptical. We had many beautiful adventures as we would travel to the coast and into the mountains. We had a romantic picnic that she made and we got along so well that I did convince her.

Marriage was one of the things on our list that we both wanted and we decided that we want to do that as we feel (with lots of experience in relationships under our belts) ready and committed to take that step with each other. Manda is the perfect mate for me. And if you are invited to our wedding you will see why!!!!

You will never be lonely...

Love Inspiration

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Fast Facts

First met: for drinks
First date: The Lava Lounge and a drive around the lake
Ceremony location: Farmin Creek in Lorane, OR
Honeymoon destination: Where ever our heads hit a pillow...

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: clover and buttercup (green and yellow)
We will be wearing: clothes.
Our last name will be: Stovall

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