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Michelle & Mandy

Michelle’s Words:

From the first email, the first phone call, the first date, it was obvious that Mandy and I were meant to be together. Despite all of our differences (and we have quite a few), we compliment one another perfectly. We never had the whole “New Person Unease” that would normally happen when spending alone time with someone you don’t know. Everytime I find out something new about Mandy, it feels like I’ve already known it and only forgot. I feel as though I’ve known her my entire life. Like we just found each other again.

What is meant to be, will always be.

Fast Facts

First met: Online
First date: Hacienda & a movie
Got engaged: Very quickly
Ceremony location: It's a secret...
Favorite planning resource: Michelle googling at work...
Honeymoon destination: That's a secret too!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Wedding
Who proposed to who: Mandy proposed to Michelle

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