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Monica & Christina

Well….. We met as co-workers.. Monica was in a relationship, and Christina was living with her ex… We started chatting by email at work. More or less the getting to know you kind of stuff. We would share our relationship issues with eachother and seek out advice from one another. As timed passed we began going to lunch together every day. Building a unique kind of bond.. And we would later start to seek eachother out on the weekends via text message. Monica began having a lot of issues on her on and off again relationship and so did Christina.. So one day it just so happened they both had a break at the same time. As fate would have it, it also landed on the weekend of Christina’s nieces b-day who she had already invited Monica to. One things lead to the other that night. And we both ended up at a friends house for a little of drunkin playfulness.. Christina has had a lesbian relationship before. But Monica never anything official.. So it was a very rocky start after that. Many make up and breaks up. But in the end we both couldn’t seem to stay away. Around October we both gave in the greater power of our attraction and connection and it just grew from there. Now we are happily engaged and living together as a family working on forever. Happy as can be……. to be continued….

Expect the Unexpected

Love Inspiration

We both agree never to say never

Fast Facts

First met: At Work
First date: 04/13/07 skipped work for alone time
Got engaged: 12/29/07
Ceremony location: California
Honeymoon destination: Colombia or Hawaii not sure yet?

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: True Love
Our wedding colors: Black,White,And Red
We will be wearing: Monica Weddings dress, Christina to be determined
Who proposed to who: Christina Proposed to Monica in bed lmao!!!!!!!
Our last name will be: Hidalgo

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