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Lord Sexy & Charlie B

…from Charlie..

nice to meet you

Funny how we met, in a world full of people surrounding our indulgences and selling lies to our weaknesses. I came across your conversation and was engulfed. You pulled me in with the interesting way you used similes in everyday conversation and might I add how sexy your metaphors were. It was tantalizing and I could talk to you forever. Time passed, my heart grew fonder. I could hear your smile a mile away and it reached inside my soul took out my expression and I was lost in your personification of what love was. The simplest endeavors became voyages, trips we took around the world with each other in our mind. I was a kid again and my imagination was at its orgasmic peak. I would fall asleep some nights to a hint of your laughter and dream of you conversing with me about our next journey, maybe Rome this time. I was introduced to your psyche early on and got a chance to understand the meaning behind every word you spoke and I held on to them like my next breath depended on it. They were so melodic. Every word a symphony, my attention the orchestra and I was ready for you to conduct. An encounter of the most extravagant kind truly a meeting of the minds and as we shook the proverbial hand of introduction thru our histories told I felt a tingle in my belly, I think they call them butterflies. You are always on my mind, so much so that my cranial can’t expel descriptions right without including you. The moon is sexy, the sky is sexy, the birds, the field and the trees all sexy. I have succumbed to your being and am willing to give all of my soul to you far past eternity and on into the hereafter based on one conversation, so I am afraid of what I’ll relinquish once we make love and, oh how I welcome that. I can’t wait to feel the warmth of your body cascading up against mine parallel with one another, exchanging wind and energy and fleeting breaths but of course only after we’ve been properly introduced. For now I only know your voice, with its engaging tone and stern ability to charm me, your voice soft like silk, your voice thunderous like waves, your voice all that I have to love until we are face to face and I can formally announce: hello, I am your future, nice to meet you.

for my sexy

before the love was just, it was new…..now everlasting. you far exceeded my expectations and that is usually a hard task to overcome. thank you for allowing me to fall and feel and realize that vulnerability is far from a weakness but instead a lesson learned. i love you

…………………………………………………………………………….from Sexy


…..we started this great story and funny thing once reality set in that the romance was real we put away our pens and wrote from the heart. Heart felt I love you’s, heartbreaking until morning’s, and wishes of embraces; that if went the way panned out would last forever. No longer a story . No longer a literary masterpiece. 5 chapters later here we are. Real life. Real love. Real energy. Real. Visioned by others as the mistake from hell, a rushed entrance, a tattoo to early to be permanent. But they are. They is. And there will be strife, pain, hurt, and loss more so if denied the space for these roots to grow. We didn’t jump off cloud nine nor ignore all the requests. We stood firmly in the crevace of our souls and mustered all grivences, ontook every what if, and took pain and pleasure and planted a love so deep you only fathom this type of connection. Patience. Honesty. Respect. We know where we came from and are not scared of where we are going. Everyone that matters…everyone who’s opinion counts….agree. The unanimous decision. Her smile caught my attention . Her writing stole my thoughts. But her heart sealed the deal. Blessed with everyday romance and wishes of marital bliss…understanding of where we have both been and visions of what’s to come….what is left to say……but with this ring I thee wed……..

…signed Sexy

You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because finally reality is better then your dreams!

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Our Story!

Fast Facts

First met: ...After Charlie wrote a blog confessing her love for DaVinc
First date: ...i surprised her and jumped on the red eye
Got engaged: October 3rd
Ceremony location: Norfolk Botanical Gradens

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Content
Our wedding colors: Red and White
Who proposed to who: Lord Sexy proposed to Charlie B
Our last name will be: Torres

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: Looking for Love...by Mul-ty

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